Café de Coral (Hong Kong)

A Hong Kong fast-food favourite


Café de Coral is Hong Kong’s largest, most successful Chinese fast-food brand. Established in 1968, we currently operate over 150 self-service restaurants across the Territory. With over 45 years of proven experience in the food service and catering industry, we are serving some 300,000 customers daily.


With a selection of over 100 items, our daily menus are regularly rotated to ensure optimum variety. The many innovative products we offer cover everything from Western cuisines to traditional Chinese dishes. New and seasonal products are also offered regularly.


Our restaurants are the much-loved mainstays of mixed-use districts, business hubs, shopping centres, industrial areas and public and private housing estates all over Hong Kong. With an average area of 300 sq. m., each of our restaurants is designed to enhance customers’ dining pleasure with a warm and modern ambience.


Our frontline service team is made up of an energetic and dedicated work force of around 6,000 staff. Our customers are of all ages and from walks of life ranging from students and local residents to young executives.


We are committed to enhancing our leading position in Hong Kong’s competitive restaurant and catering market by constantly anticipating and responding to customers’ different needs. New product launches and exciting interior design concepts are just two of many ways we regularly deliver on our promise of enriching our customers’ total dining experience. We are also doing everything we can to live up to our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen.

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