Western-Japanese fusion Café


“ZAKKA” (“ざっか”) means “variety goods” in Japanese. ZAKKA Cafe exudes a minimalist, casual, and youthful atmosphere, making customers feel free and relaxed while serving up a simple and comfortable dining experience. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, ZAKKA provides a leisurely space where one can enjoy delicious and innovative Western-Japanese fusion.


The dishes offered at ZAKKA embody the essence of both Western and Japanese cuisine, combining Western creativity and Japanese exquisiteness to bring diners an unprecedented gourmet experience. Adhering to minimalist philosophies, ZAKKA’s main menu is not overly elaborate or repetitive. It is simple yet sophisticated, with each dish having its own unique personality.


The restaurant’s minimalist design, together with the use of green indoor plants as decorations, comfortable furnishings, and the unique Western-style menu, makes it an ideal place for busy urbanites to relax and have an enjoyable meal with their friends.


Zakka’s general market segment is the younger generation. As such, our team is as youthful and dynamic as our brand. All employees receive ongoing professional training, so that service standards can be continuously raised, thereby ensuring the needs of all customers are catered to.


The first Zakka officially opened at Olympian City 3 in April 2017, and will gradually expand to various districts in Hong Kong. The team will deliver on its commitment to customer satisfaction by continually developing innovative Western-Japanese fusion dishes and expanding the brand, making Zakka the go-to hangout of the younger generation.

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