Mixian Sense

Innovative, regional dining


Mixian Sense is a specialty restaurant serving an unique type of Chinese noodle called Mixian (米線) with innovative yet delicious soup bases plus a fine selection of Yunnan and Sichuan dishes. Targeted at discerning individuals in the middle-income group, the brand aims to provide diners with outstanding products, excellent service and cosy ambience that always makes for a "Pleasant Mixian Experience".


To differentiate itself from its competitors, Mixian Sense showcases a series of innovative soup bases such as ever-popular Tomato Soup that match perfectly with Mixian texture. Its chefs also satisfy the needs of diners with house-made toppings like Marinated Pig Intestine & Marinated Beef Tripe. Signature Appetizers such as Hot and Spicy Pork Chop & Roasted Chicken Wings with Lemon and Maltose will definitely add value to your meal.


Mixian Sense’s restaurants are strategically located in prominent areas of large shopping malls. Attractive wooden walls with blackboards and light green sofas paired with wooden tables and open kitchens make the outlets relaxed places for friends or family to gather.


In delivering on their brand promise of a "Pleasant Mixian Experience", Mixian Sense’s staff do all they can to deliver uncompromisingly excellent service. Ongoing professional training is offered to continuously raise standards. With all meals tailor-made for young adults, each restaurant’s key customers tend to be teenagers and growing families.


Following its December 2012 opening of a first outlet in Tsing Yi, Mixian Sense is gradually expanding in the Territory. Its management remains confident that there is plenty of room for expansion across the Territory in the coming years.

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