Don Don Tei

Ten Don specialty restaurant from Osaka


Don Don Tei is a specialty restaurant offering superb ten don (tempura donburi, or tempura laid over a bowl of rice) and other donburi (rice bowl dishes) at affordable prices. The Osaka-based Don Don Tei chain has 14 branches in Japan and 2 branches in the US and Malaysia. It is the first restaurant brand the Group has brought from Japan to Hong Kong under an agreement with Gourmet Kineya Co., Ltd. The first outlet of Don Don Tei in Hong Kong was opened in 2015 October.


As a restaurant specialising in ten don, Don Don Tei offers signature dishes that include Deluxe Tempura Rice Bowl, Assorted Tempura with Egg Sauce Rice Bowl, Deluxe Sea Prawn Tempura Rice Bowl and Deep-fried Pork Cutlet with Egg Sauce Rice Bowl. To ensure its tempura is the best, the Hong Kong outlet brings over some ingredients from Japan and makes use of a unique tempura batter and sauces. For an original Japanese flavour, salt that varies with the season is provided to customers with the made-to-order tempura.


The Don Don Tei concept was created by internationally-known designer Steve Leung. By using an open kitchen, corridor and bar, he showed the connection between food production and dining in a new way. Tei, which means pavilion in Japanese, is the main concept of the shop, reinterpreting the minimalism of the Japanese shops through colour, materials and patterns. To recreate the harmonious Japanese style, light wood furniture, black and white photos, red chairs and wall lamps were used.


Don Don Tei has a friendly and enthusiastic team to serve customers, who are mostly families and students.


Don Don Tei works closely with its Japanese headquarters, which regularly sends team members to Hong Kong to evaluate product quality. The Hong Kong team is committed to product innovation and providing more Japanese delicacies to customers.

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