Chronology of Events Year
2010's Years of Leaping Forward
Years of Leaping Forward
Jan, 2019
Implementation of “Say No to Straws”
Oct, 2018
Celebration of the Company’s 50th Anniversary
Oct, 2017
Established “Festiva” at JP Plaza, Causeway with 6 subsidiary brands
May, 2017
The first “ZAKKA” opened
Oct, 2015
Signed an agreement with JNT Co. Ltd from Korea to expand the cooperation between the two companies to cover the Guangdong Province. The Group will have the rights to open shops under the brand “THE CUP” in Guangdong Province, in addition to Hong Kong
Oct, 2015
The first “Don Don Tei” opened
Apr, 2015
Signed a comprehensive franchise agreement with Saint Marc Holdings Co., Ltd from Japan to bring its popular restaurant brand “Kamakura Pasta” to Hong Kong and Guangdong province
Apr, 2015
The Group named its CSR programme “Café de Coral Twinkle Action” to consolidate all its CSR efforts on one platform. It provides the necessary support and opportunity allowing everyone to glow contributing to the community as a whole.
Apr, 2015
The first “THE CUP” opened
Mar, 2015
The first “Just About Food” opened
Jan, 2015
The first “Café 360” opened
Dec, 2014
The first “Mixian Site” opened
Aug, 2014
Signed a basic agreement with Gourmet Kineya Co., Ltd from Japan to bring Kineya’s various brands of Japanese restaurants to Hong Kong
Jul, 2014
Signed a master franchise agreement with JNT Co. Ltd from Korea to bring a Korean healthy food brand, The Cup, to Hong Kong
May, 2014
The first “Lane Noodles” opened
May, 2014
The first “Ichigyo Sushi” opened
Apr, 2014
“Shanghai Lao Lao” Wanchai shop opened
Oct, 2013
Celebration of the Group's 45th Anniversary
Jul, 2013
Asia's first "illy caffè" concept store opened in Harbour City, Hong Kong
Apr, 2013
New central food processing centre in Tai Po Industrial Estate, Hong Kong opened
Jan, 2013
New flagship branch of Café de Coral opened in Nanjing, China
Jan, 2013
Teamed up with The Hong Kong Council of Social Services and its some 20 member organisations in hosting a large-scale recruitment day offering 200 vacancies for the physically- and mentally- challenged
Oct, 2012
13 of our resturant brands announced a new "Guide Dogs Welcome" policy
Jul, 2012
The first Hong Kong 85°C Bakery Store opened in Prince Edward
May, 2012
All Café de Coral fast food outlets in Hong Kong launched a “Green Monday” lunch menu after the Group had joined the “Green Monday” campaign as a founding partner. Other leading brands in the Group also joined the initiative within a year
Feb, 2012
The first “Mixian Sense” opened
May, 2011
New central food processing centre located in Guangzhou Yonghe Development District, China began operations
Aug, 2010
Acquired "Mix", a chain of healthy-lifestyle juice bar with nutritionally balanced array of wrapp, salads and gourmet sandwiches
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