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Our Customers

Quality Ingredients from around the World
Café de Coral appreciates that discerning customers won't settle for less when it comes to food quality. That is why our professional merchandising team travels around the world in search of the best ingredients: "Hoki Fillet" from the pollution-free Southern Ocean, "Sirloin Steak" from the all-natural prairies in New Zealand, the vivacious "Samba Pork" and the pedigree "Grilled Unagi" from Japan. Café de Coral focuses on every minute detail in preparing not only hearty fare, but also items as simple as a cup of milk tea. With the same degree of utter creativity and quality required for all food offered in Café de Coral, the tea leaves we handpick for our brews are the best ones in season, allowing customers in each of our branches to enjoy the same gastronomic experience of quality food.

Professional Quality Control
Café de Coral believes a consistent food quality across all branches can only be achieved by deploying professional management, systematic training and expert monitoring. The backend support of centralised production processes is as crucial as our quest for reliable quality.

Food safety is attracting more and more attention from customers. To stay abreast of the times, Café de Coral gives infinite consideration to the origins of ingredients. Combined with other food safety and hygiene measures including rigorous guidelines on cooking and food storage, our all-round control ensures optimal food hygiene on a par with the most stringent international company standards.

Healthy Dining Concept
In support of our endeavour to promote healthy diets, Café de Coral has been a firm supporter of the EatSmart Restaurant Campaign organised by the Department of Health. The campaign aims to promote the healthy diet concept of "three less"(less oil, salt and sugar) and "more fruit and vegetables".

Listening to Customer Opinions
Café de Coral always treasures customer opinions. We have made available various communication channels including feedback forms, email and hotline to facilitate the collection of customer opinions. All incoming opinions are handled with care by our professional customer service ambassadors. Opinions are systematically recorded before they are sent to relevant departments for immediate investigation and follow-up. Consumer opinion is an important driving force for our continuous improvement.

Professional Training Brings Heartfelt Service
Our frontline staff put "customer satisfaction" as a top priority. They pay close attention to the preferences of individual customers in order to fulfill their personal needs. A cheerful greeting and a friendly smile are hallmarks of the renowned “Heartfelt Services” of Café de Coral.

The Company has established "Café de Coral Management Academy" as the centre for cultivating "Heartfelt Services". The academy organises regular training activities for employees, to strengthen their skills and to put team spirit into practice. We also review the service attitudes and performance of staff regularly through an objective "Mystery Shoppers" programme. This practice helps to enhance the quality of our services.

A Relaxing and Comfortable Dining Environment
Café de Coral knows that today’s customers are increasingly demanding regarding their dining environment. In order to provide a relaxing and comfortable dining ambiance, we have put in place a number of pioneering industry measures. We have replaced verbal announcements with ticket number displays to achieve a tranquil and quieter dining environment. Hooks are attached to table edges for customers to hang their handbags. To provide audio-visual enjoyment, we have installed Plasma TVs and played melodic background music in stores. To offer convenience to the disabled, we have re-engineered some of the sitting areas, making them the “priority seating area” for those in need.

Our Suppliers

It is the mission of Café de Coral to foster excellence in sustainability and social responsibility across the supply chain through the development of principles, sharing of tools and best practices with our suppliers and business associates. We require our suppliers to comply with all applicable laws, codes and regulations, including health codes, environmental regulations, safety codes and building ordinances for each location of business.

Food Safety
Café de Coral suppliers, both food and non-food, must comply with all municipal health requirements. To ensure the safety of our customers, suppliers are required to provide proper and legal import licences, health certificates and/or laboratory reports to prove suitability for human consumption and food safety.

Environmental Protection
Café de Coral suppliers must fully comply with all environmental laws and regulations. Appropriate and valid environmental permits and/or registrations should be obtained and maintained. We also support our suppliers in environmental programmes that can reduce our collective carbon footprint.

Ethical Practice
Café de Coral is committed to building a good, open and honest relationship with all suppliers. We emphasise transparency of corporate governance and encourage our suppliers to address problems in a positive manner.

Our Investors and Shareholders

The Group has established compliance monitoring systems and fully complies with all relevant laws and regulations. It also takes every possible step to prevent corruption.

The Board of Directors consists of 10 members, including three Executive Directors, three Non-executive Directors and four Independent Non-executive Directors.

An established Investor Relations Department is responsible for information dissemination, regular meeting updates and annual and interim result announcements as well as attending roadshows and conferences organised by various global financial and investment institutions and to communicate with the investment community.

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