To Our People

Our Employees

At Café de Coral, we believe that our people are our greatest asset and that everyone plays an important role in helping to achieve the Group’s strategy and operating plan. The calibre of the management team and the dedication of loyal and professional workforce contribute to our growth: from a small catering business to the largest Chinese quick service restaurant chain in the world. To retain and sustain our people, we are dedicated to offering the best career opportunities for our employees to gain new exposure and to develop their full potential through comprehensive training programmes and job rotations.

Employee Wellness
We care about the wellness of our employees and are committed to encouraging a balance of life. We believe that a good work-life balance enables the employees to deliver a better performance. We organise fitness and wellness programmes via various external recreation clubs. We also take part in recreational tournaments with other companies. Recreational activities include dancing, yoga, badminton, running, hiking, soccer, snooker and table tennis. We arrange annual recreational activities such as regular interest classes and Fun Days for the staff and their families. Through all these activities, we continue to stimulate staff potential, enhance team spirits and develop corporate citizenship.

In addition, we developed a “Quality Life Scheme” to facilitate a balanced lifestyle for our employees. Employees can enjoy various entertainment options via the “Point Redemption Programme” for cinema tickets, travel vouchers, dining coupons, health products and theme park tickets and more.

Learning and Development

The establishment of the Café de Coral Management Academy in 2000 and Executive Development Board in 2007 reflects the dedication of the Group to encourage its staff to continue to strive for excellence.

Executive Development

Staff development is a long-term process that involves initial identification of staff capability and performance gaps. Based on these results, suitable training programmes such as the project-based experience sharing and seminars can be developed to enhance the staff’s skill-sets.

Our programmes include:

Senior Management Sharing
Coaching and Mentoring
Management Development Programme
Core Competence Training

Functional Programmes for Operational and Office Staff

It is also important to achieve business results linked to training objectives. To ensure the effectiveness of the training programmes, post-training feedback and evaluation are collected through staff survey. Our Functional Programmes focus on identifying the skill gaps and ensuring our employees are equipped with all the necessary skills for improving their performance.

Training programmes are organised throughout the year:

Professional Catering Management Diploma Programmes
Structured Training
Branch operation
Kitchen operation
Branch management
Management Trainee Programme
Staff Induction, Service and Safety Programme
Frontline Operation Experience Sharing
Professional Customer Service
Complaints Handling
Communication and Presentation
Performance Management
Health and Safety
Quality Control

Apart from the above, each department offers technical training specific to the tools, software and required skills in related work areas. Every year, over 5,000 staff members receive training through various courses and the total learning hours are around 25,000.

Continuous Learning Subsidy Scheme
Our staff are encouraged to embrace continuous learning. They can pursue professional or academic qualifications or any work-related training provided by external organisations through the Continuous Learning Subsidy Scheme.

Health & Safety

The Group is committed to providing a healthy and safe environment to our employees, customers and communities. Our health and safety policy is reviewed and refined regularly, aiming at achieving continuous improvement. Operational safety training is provided to staff in different working environments.

The Group has set up a Health and Safety Committee since the 1990s to monitor all functional departments and outlets. Regular reviews of the checking procedures and safety and health measures are held in all departments and outlet.

To provide a comfortable and safe working environment to our staff, the Group has developed and continuously reviewed a set of comprehensive safety guidance which has been recognised as a benchmark in the industry.

Health and Safety Awards
Aiming at enhancing the occupational safety and health awareness of our employees, we have participated in the Catering Industry Safety Award Scheme jointly organised by the Labour Department and the Occupational Safety and Health Council since 2005. The Group has been winning various awards in different categories.

Safety Management System at Central Food Processing Centre and Headquarters
The Group has implemented a comprehensive safety management system at our Central Food Processing Centre and Company’s Head Office to assess, evaluate and improve health and safety at work since 2002. We have also implemented workstation assessment in order to prevent possible office work-related illnesses.

To maintain its quality assurance and effectiveness, the Group has appointed an independent auditing company to perform an audit and certification process twice a year.

Various health and safety promotional activities are launched at outlets such as the regular update of “Health & Safety” Handbook to new staff. Health and safety posters are displayed at the outlets and staff rooms.

Safety training programmes at all levels
To enhance staff awareness in safety, various comprehensive safety training programmes are conducted at outlets as follows:-

Emergency Procedure
Accident Handling
First Aid and Work Related Health Issues
Fire Fighting
Risk Assessment
Prevention of Accidents
Manual Handling
Tools and Protective Gears

Preparedness for possible outbreak of influenza
Since 2003, the Group has implemented a yearly review plan regarding the preparedness of influenza. Anti-influenza injections are arranged for all staff at Central Food Processing Centres in different locations and regions annually.

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