Investing in our Community

As a responsible corporate citizen, Café de Coral Group recognises the importance of contributing to the communities in which we operate. In 2015, the Group established the Café de Coral Twinkle Action, the Corporate Social Responsibility platform that consolidates our long established efforts into greater contribution to community, based on the three major principles: “Caring for the underprivileged”, “Fostering youth development” and “Promoting environmental awareness”.

Caring for the Underprivileged

The Group strives to bring happiness to the communities in which we operate and promote a caring and inclusive culture by fostering social integration, responding to community needs and providing employment opportunities。

Fostering Social Integration

Since 2017, the Group has launched the “Community Spring Feast” with Food Grace, serving grassroots with Poonchoi in the subsidiary outlets during Spring Festival period to bring them happiness and blessing. 18 feasts were organized in the first year of the event while later; the scale has been boosted up to 38 sessions with over 1,500 beneficiaries.

Besides, the Group has been offering complimentary cash coupons for use at our fast food outlets to St. James’ Settlement – People’s Food Bank, Hong Kong Family Welfare Society and Lok Kwan Organisation for the underprivileged families.

Responding to Community Needs

The Group is committed to responding to the many diverse needs of the communities in which we operate. We constantly upgrade our stores to provide barrier-free dining access for our customers with special needs.

In October 2012, the Group is among the first in the industry to announce that its outlets welcome guide dogs which also helped increase the general awareness among people in Hong Kong. All outlets under the Group’s brands continue to warmly welcoming the visually impaired and their guide dogs. In 2018, The Spaghetti House, Mixian Sense and Little Onion signed up to participate with the “Tap My Dish” mobile application for food ordering developed by Hong Kong Blind Union for visually impaired customers.

The Group organises a range of community activities and encourage our employees to participate. Our activities range from home visits, social service centre visits, outdoor events and other volunteering programmes, offering care to a variety of community groups.

Providing Employment Opportunities

The Group holds long-established partnerships with local community groups as well as non-government and civic organisations to offer job opportunities for people from ethnic minorities, persons with disabilities and other people from vulnerable groups. “The Community Recruitment Day” was held to recruit people with physical disabilities to join the workforce. The Group employed over 300 team members who have physical or intellectual disabilities and 200 employees from minority groups.

Fostering Youth Development

The future rests with the aspiring next generation and the Group believes that it is vital to nurture talents for the continuous success of the industry and for the betterment of the community as a whole.

Unleashing Music Talent of Young People

Since 2015, Café de Coral has organised “Café de Coral Music Station” to promote local creative music and nurture a new generation of musicians. It provides opportunities and support to teenagers who are passionate in music, so as to motivate them to create their own music and share happiness. The programme has received overwhelming positive feedback over the years from local youth as well as the wider community.

Supporting Students and Youngsters

Established in 2015, the Group’s Café de Coral Scholarship encourages youngsters to pursue their dreams and become future leaders. Besides, the Group has been providing financial support to children of its staff who receive tertiary education via T.S. LO Education Fund.

In 2018, the Group participated in the Project WeCan to provide students who are disadvantaged in learning with opportunities to empower them for pursuing higher studies and future careers.

Promoting Environmental Awareness

Supporting environmental protection is part of the Group’s commitment to creating positive impact in the communities in which we operate. Apart from our daily operations focused environmental initiatives, we roll out various campaigns and activities to promote environmental awareness through our network of employees, customers and the general public.

Encouraging Waste Reduction

To encourage customers to reduce waste, the Group implemented “Say No to Straws”, starting from January 1, 2019 – all outlets stopped providing plastic straws unless requested by the customers, including special drinks. Café de Coral fast food stores have completely replaced the plastic stirrers and tea spoons with wooden sticks for hot drinks. Plastic knives have also been taken out from the take-away cutlery packs. The Group is researching on combining plastic fork and spoon into one, which will eventually reduce the number of plastic items for take-away.

In addition, Café de Coral fast food launched the “Power of Individual” programme which advocated food waste reduction.

Promoting Green and Healthy Dining

The Group is committed to providing healthy dining options for our customers and support local initiatives that promote healthy eating life-styles. For years our leading brands have supported the Green Monday campaign. The stores display Green Monday awareness raising posters and tent cards in their stores.

Luncheon Star, our business unit that provides school lunches to primary and secondary school students in Hong Kong, participates in the HKSAR Government’s “Salt Reduction Scheme for School Lunches” to provide low-salt meal options for students of our school clients. We also provide regular talks for students about environmental protection and healthy lifestyle choices.

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