Corporate Motto & Mission

Café de Coral’s Chinese brand name is "大家樂". Our choice of characters is inspired by the ancient Oriental concept of togetherness and literally means that our customers, staff and shareholders are all happily united as one.

Our corporate motto is "A Hundred Points of Excellence" (100分). More a way of life than a set of words, the phrase reflects our commitment to striving for excellence and staying ahead in today’s rapidly changing world. As the undisputed market leader in Hong Kong’s fast-food and catering industries, we have always prided ourselves on our uncompromising standards when it comes to product quality, creative innovation and service excellence.

Corporate Mission

Our goal is to become the best-loved and most competitive catering group in Greater China with leading brands across all major market sectors. We strive to ensure the continued happiness of our customers, staff and shareholders, and to benefit our communities.

In consistently delivering innovation, market insights and leadership in the areas of service excellence and professional management, we are committed to providing the public with dining and catering services which are healthy, delicious, value for money and impeccably safe.

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